Road House part 1 » Sep 3, 2007 10:30 AM » Movies
As I'm sure most of your are not aware, I have never seen the movie Roadhouse all the way through. The CSI, I mean SpikeTV has selflessly taken upon itself to rectify this by playing Roadhouse at random times throughout the week, usually on the weekend (which does make it easier for me). I guess they got some bulk deal on it. Roadhouse must be in the Royalty Free bin or something.

So thus far I have seen about the middle hour of the movie, constructed from probably 4 different viewings. Granted there are several parts that I've seen all 4 times.

They played it this past Saturday at about 6:30 in the afternoon and I just happened to glance at the listing to see that it was indeed going to be on again. So I got to see the very beginning up to the last 15 minutes. I hadn't seen the beginning before which sets up Dalton's ass-kicking credentials, as the premiere bouncer, second only to his mentor and friend Wade (damn that hurts, don't it?). Who as they mention several times, is getting on in years.

When I had to go Dalton was rampaging through the bad guy's house offing random 80's looking henchmen in the hunt for arch-nemisis Brad Wesley. Who probably has kidnapped love interest whats-her-name and will probably force Dalton to engadge in some elaborate fight to the death. Which very likely will involve him round-house kicking the gun out of the villans hand. I don't think he'll kill him as love interest whats-her-name is a doctor and very much against that sort of thing. Then again maybe Dalton will be left with no other choice. Exciting!

Now I suppose I could just rent it from Netflix but that seems like cheating.