About:While my formal graphic design training was mostly for print applications, I've been interested in the web and designing sites since I was a junior in high school. That's not really too big of a deal since I believe that good design is good design no matter what the destination. It just takes a little bit to learn the rules and quirks of any particular medium. I've worked professionally as a web designer now for over 10 years at a little shop called Omega Design Studio.

Probably 90% of the work on this site was done for Omega's clients. I tend to work solo on most of my projects, so pretty much everything on this site was done by me. I usually try and mention it if there was outside help. Over the years I've also picked up quite a bit of programming experience in ColdFusion, JavaScript and ActionScript.


Undergraduate:Herron School of Art, Indianapolis '01 &mdash BFA: Visual Communication
High School:Danbury High School + Northfield High School '97 &mdash High School Diploma


Graphic DesignerOmega Design Studio, Indianapolis — 1999 to Present
VariousLine Cook, Prep Cook, Lawn Mower, Movie Projector Guy — 1993 to 1999


Photoshop90% Awesome
Illustrator80% Awesome
Flash70% Awesome
HTML/CSS95% Awesome
ColdFusion75% Awesome
JavaScript50% Awesome
ActionScript60% Awesome