Blue Iron Concept Art » Jul 6, 2010 10:16 AM » Design
Some concept art for a Motorcycle Club made of Law Enforcement peoples. I'm still working all these elements into a final logo/website design. I think everything is here it's just a matter of figuring out how everything fits together best.

Basic Logo Art:

Splash Screen Working Concept:

Website Layout:

I spent a lot of time trying to make things a little more blue, but it ultimately wasn't really working. Blue Iron itself (a 'shade' of iron used in making pistols) is only relatively blue, and really more greyish.

Typefaces so far are: 'Fornicator' (t26), Stencil (MS) and 'Cam' (You Work For Them)

*I found the skull as part of a stock vector pack, but the teeth were horrible so I redid them.