Student Projects » Feb 27, 2010 9:59 AM » Books
Here's a handful of student work that I dug up, there isn't much from that time period that I still like looking at, but these are a few of the best.

This was always one of my favorites, I thought the photo-merging of the arm and the wires turned out really well. This was based on The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan, specifically his ideas on technology and communication.

These 3 are parts of one bigger junior year projects. The assignment was to create 3 different layouts for the same book, each in a different style. There are title pages also, but they aren't really anything special.

This on is traditional, it uses a serif font for the body copy and the illuminated red drop caps. One of the biggest aspects of this style is the size and proportions of the margins. I printed it on a parchment paper.

The modern version is probably my favorite. It's characterized by the 3 column grid, black and white presentation and considerable smaller margins.

Post Modern was sort of the "Freestyle" version. There are some interesting things going on here with the symbols representing the various themes and the overall color and layout. Not a fan of that typeface though anymore or that wierd saw-blade looking thing.