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**Reprinted from the old Blogger Site - Feb, 2006**

The first point of business here is to probably explain just what the hell The Trouble and Dangerous means. It is, in fact, more then just the title of the webcomic that I am working on. No matter the context, however, its origins can all be traced back to one definitive point. Bad translation. Or in this case funny bad translation, behold:

Rewind to 2000, Herron School of Art Type Lab. I don't remember the exact class, but one of my friends had this little paper insert that came with a toy pistol he got from who knows where. Now, the whole thing is pretty funny, but I'll draw your attention to the first panel of the last row.

"Never dissemble the gun by yourself, which will cause the trouble and dangerous"

I'm sure it had something to do with all the pressure everyone was under to complete whatever project they were behind on, but we found this thing hilarious. Especially the afore mentioned sentance. So somehow this became my nickname. Well not really, no one ever acually called me The Trouble and Dangerous on a daily basis, but it came up alot. Still does actually.

This is not the only bizarre nickname that was coined during my tenure at Herron. During a Typography class my third year the same friend that found the pistol insert was asked by our professor if he was drunk when he did the rubrication for his project. Rubrication if your behind on your 14th century french is the process of adding some flourish to medieval manuscripts, most often with red ink. He of course became the Drunken Rubricator.

So there you have it, everything makes perfect sense.

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