J&J Custom Firearms Website/Logo » Dec 15, 2009 12:16 PM » Design
Here's the header and new logo for the J&J Custom Firearms store in Columbus Indiana. They specialize in older model customized and engraved firearms, many of which have never been fired. J&J is primarily a Colt dealer so a lot of the style and design inspiration came from the old west and the signage that Colt did for their single action revolvers.

The logo is set in Emigre's Brother typeface and is patterned after a period wooden sign that might hang on the outside of the building.

Here's a screen from the website, this is a category overview. The site was split between firearms and accessories. Those parent categories were then divided into sub categories such as Single Action Revolvers and Semi-Auto Pistols.

Here is a product detail of one of the single action pistols. These pages included lists of similar items and accessories that matched the style and model of the firearm.