RobotPixel » Jan 28, 2010 9:55 AM » Design
I'm not entirely sure what this is ultimately going to be. One of the things it's definitely going to be is a umbrella URL that I can use for personal and freelance projects. The primary domain is going to house a few "digital art" projects one of which is planned out and will be further detailed in a future post. I have a couple ideas as to what could be next. The overall theme is going to be a mesh of code and design to create the 8-bit-looking robot image.

At the moment however it's something new and fun that I can get excited about. Here are the first 3 splash page designs. They load randomly when the site is loaded.

The robot was originally designed on a 50x50 pixel grid, one pixel at a time. It hasn't been re-sized or filtered to achieve the 8-bit effect. The third screen is actually using the original colors, the others have been aged after the fact in Photoshop. I expect a combination of the two will continue, though I liked the aged look a litte better. Watch for more on this in the future!