Robot Chicken / The Mothership » Dec 17, 2009 2:30 PM » Design
Firstly, this has nothing to do with the Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken. This came about a year or two before that started. This was a webcomic idea I had about a mercenary team operating in outer space in the distant future. The leader was a robot chicken who could only speak in chicken noises.

I'll post some more of the artwork I came up with soonish. It probably goes without saying that nothing really ever came of this. But I thought the logo turned out cool. It kinda has an X-Files vibe to it.

Update: Looking back on the robot chicken stuff, it's hidious and I doubt very much any of it will ever appear on here. :(

This is a very similar thing I made up for one of our internal development servers called Mothership. Every so often we redo the site. It acts as a hub for all of our various projects and tools. This was one of the first times I played with wireframe/3D text. It's a composite of a few different layers all stacked up to create the effect. This one has more of a Tron vibe going on.