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There might be one more post of WWFC stuff down the road, but it's probably nearing the end. Here's some print stuff for them:

This is a business card concept for WWFC based on some old school album label design. This was created back when the primary focus of the company was going to be on recording artists. After the expansion to sports, events, film and other types of fan clubs the business card was moved away from the musical feel. I really liked how this one turned out though.

These are some variations of the WWFC Logo. The idea was to create a noninvasive way to brand the WWFC service while matching the overall theme of the specific fan club site. The first was created for DJ Ferry Corsten's site, the second for the Sturgis Bike Rally and finally guitarist Dave Mason.

This is the very first Photoshop comp of what the site would look like. This one was branded for Ferry Corsten who was the initial test client. The final site still had a lot in common with this, but additions, new requirements to the system and the requests of the artists caused many things to change as the project progressed.

Finally, here's a detail of the backstage pass artwork from the screen above. This was one of the first things developed, but it really never made it on to any of the production sites.

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